Bali Wedding Photographers

Choosing a Bali wedding photographer is a monumental decision. This person is going to immortalize your big day forever. You need to find someone you trust, someone who can make magic with light, someone with an aligned photography style, someone who can capture your energy and your joy and your connection. It’s not an easy brief, especially with a destination wedding.

At Bali Event Hire, we get to meet and work with some of Bali’s best wedding photographers – we feel so privileged and we’re so in awe of all this incredible talent and kindness (because kindness is important!)

So we’ve curated a little list of some of our favourite Bali Wedding Photographers and some of their recent wedding photography which will blow you away with it’s beauty.



Meet Govinda and Bonjo from Terralogical

This talented duo (recently joined by Pretty) are the masters of capturing raw intimate moments and genuine connections between a couple. In their 7th year, these guys are big in the world of Bali Wedding Photography.

Guys, what is your unique talent?
Govinda: Making a funny sound when I clap my hands (interesting!)
Bonjo: Cooking something unexpected and turning it into something delicious!

What do you love most about your job Govinda?
I love to witness the honest moments that happen during a Wedding photoshoot. Some of our clients are nervous and can panic on their wedding day and it’s our duty as a wedding photographer to make them relax. Once they’re relaxed, the feelings easily come out; happy tears, warm hugs from the parents, and lot of moments that make the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Instagram: @terralogical



Meet the super lovely and talented Wedding Photographer, Agung from Imaj Gallery.

How did Imaj Gallery Begin?
I started in this business in film photography. I moved to Sydney for a photography and lighting course because as far as training goes, you need to be an expert. A formal education helps a lot. I just felt that Wedding Photography was right for me and things have really taken off from that decision.

What is your unique talent?
Well .. there are three words to describe my wedding photography style … emotive, spontaneous and timeless

What do you love most about your job?
I absolutely LOVE what I do and have had such an amazing journey. Each and every person I have worked with so far has enriched my life both professionally and personally, but above all becoming a wedding photographer has allowed me to meet so many amazing couples and be truly filled with happiness and joy with each wedding I shoot. I’m truly blessed that I have never had to advertise my services and that all of our work has been from referrals from either previous clients, wedding planners, other vendors and with International publications amongst a collection of international sports stars, Hollywood celebrities and Movie producers just generally word of mouth.

Instagram: @imajgallery



Meet the Lense Master and wedding photographer specialist – Diktat Photography.

How did Diktat Photography begin?
This new world for me and I am sure this is my passion. I have been a wedding photographer for four years now and I really enjoy it. Originally, it was just a hobby when I studied graphic design and it has ended up being my main job.

What is your unique talent?
I capture beautiful moments in every wedding and hunt for light with the best spots – mountains, forests, lakes, water and sea. I like to think I have a natural ability to capture the connection and authentic emotion between two people in love. I’m brilliant with lighting and composition.

What do you love most about your job?
I get to capture beautiful moments and tell my clients love story through my photos

Instagram: @diktatphotography



And for a bit of girl-power action, meet the larger than life, uber talented and all round gorgeous Beck Rocchi.

Melbourne based Beck creates total magic with her lense, she is a true visual story-teller and her ability to put everyone at ease with her effervescent personality has positioned her as a seriously sought after destination wedding photographer. Bali is one of Beck’s favourite places to shoot weddings.. with all that light and love.. we get it!

We love this quote from Beck.
“With me, you will let your guard down. You will smile a whole-of-face smile. You will laugh from somewhere that’s true. You will set yourself free to come play with me.
And when I’m done, you will be holding images of who you really are.”

Instagram: @beckrocchiphotography



And last but certainly not least, the lovely and talented Adi from Evermotion. Adi fell completely in love with wedding photography because a wedding is the one place where so many intense emotions are gathered in one beautiful place together.

What is your unique talent?

I look at wedding photography as though I am telling a story. I like working with natural lighting, candid moments so I can capture the natural beauty in frame. I believe every person is different and unique and that is the beauty in itself, sharing emotions is so key for me.

What do you love most about your job?
I just love it when I can capture warm, genuine emotions. The happiness when a bride and groom become one, the emotional moments between mother and bride, a father and daughter dance, the crazy moments with friends. I also love the speeches from the family, especially from the elder who has been through many things in marriage. I have gained a lot of marriage advice from them!

Instagram: @evermotionphoto

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