A little catch up with Bali Wedding Planner “Pocket Rocket” Cyra from Your Bali Wedding

Cyra from Your Bali Wedding has a huge smile, endless energy and the ability to make almost anything happen.  Add years and years in the Bali wedding business, extreme professionalism and a genuine passion for all things Bali wedding – and you’ve got a killer combo!  We caught up with her recently to find out what makes her tick.

Name: Cyra Carolus
Profession: Bali Wedding Planner
Business: Your Bali Wedding 

In a coconut shell, tell us about your lovely self and your business?
I was born and raised in Jakarta, moved to Bali in 2006, and started as an assistant wedding planner in 2007. Your Bali Wedding was born in 2014, with our key aim to provide unique, personalized destination weddings in Bali and Lombok.

How did it all begin?
It happened very organically – 6 months after starting in 2007, my boss decided to quit and took the whole wedding team with her! This left me by myself, meaning I had to step up and deal with clients.. fortunately, I must have done something right as my clients were very happy. After 7 years in that team, I had an opportunity to run a new wedding division of another company – and from that, Your Wedding Bali was created.

What’s your super-power?  And what’s unique about your business?
I’ve been told by my vendors that it feels like you are working with family – my clients feel love and warmth in the whole process. I look at each wedding as my own – wanting everything to be perfect! I also hold a sense of love and respect for the day, as well as their marriage.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
It varies – Pinterest, Style me Pretty, other wedding planners… and then sometimes, it just pops into my head!


Who is your creative muse?
Martha Stewart

Why is it important to have a wedding planner in Bali?
Having someone from the island who knows it in and out; who speaks the language and is your eyes, ears (and hands) on the day… It leaves you to relax and enjoy the wedding.

If you could give one piece of advice to couples planning a Bali wedding, what would it be?
Just relax, everything is a bit slo-mo here in the island, you just have to enjoy the ride and let your planner deal with everything along the way.

How big a part do your couples play in the creative process – or are they generally happy for you to run the show?
I ask my clients to send me some reference photos of things that they love or a Pinterest board then I will create the concept for them based on it. Some are happy enough to have me choose everything and some wanted to be a part of the process.



For you, how has the Bali Wedding industry changed over the years?
Wow, it’s seriously changed a lot. When I started there are only a few wedding planners in the island, it was like a family – we helped each other out. Now there must be thousands of us.. it’s not quite the same tiny community that I remember!

What wedding trends never go out of fashion?
Classic white is always in style.

Cyra’s Little List of Loves

Best coffee in Bali? Revolver
Favourite Cocktail? Hands down – Espresso Martinis
Best Sunset Spot? The cliff villas at Uluwatu or El Kabron
Yoga or Gym? Neither!
Scooter or Car? Scooter
Best place in Bali to relax and unwind? Home
Any secret spots or hidden gems you’d care to share? The secret beach and Pandawa
What are you listening to? Acid jazz, classic house
Favourite Insta account? Is it bad if I say dog lover one?!
What song changes your mood instantly? One dance – Drake
What quote or mantra do you live by? Treat others how you want to be treated

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