Two Minutes with Bali’s In Demand Wedding Planner Karen, CherAnge

Between prepping for another dazzling wedding and catching sunset at Ku De Ta, we had a moment with the highly esteemed Wedding Planner Karen from CherAnge. Working with Karen for many years now, we have had great pleasure of being a part of so many spectacular weddings she has created.  Combine her beautiful French taste with her extensive experience on the island and the result is an incredible Bali Wedding Planner.  Here’s our little chat.

In a coconut shell, tell us about your lovely self and your business?
Name: Karen Quarello-Morgan
Business Name: CHER ANGE Weddings

I am French-German. Grew up in Indonesia, and later worked in France for 8 years, where i created many major events in 5 star hotels (Four Seasons, Inter Continental, Sofitel, Disneyland Paris…). I moved back to my beloved Bali to set up and manage Bali Catering Company and work for Ku De Ta in 2004.

How did it all begin?
As my true passion is for customized weddings & events, I decided to start my own wedding & events company in 2006.

What’s your super-power?  And what’s unique about your business?
Great knowledge about Bali & Indonesia with my French-german & cosmopolite touch.

Who is your creative muse?
Mindy Weiss and Martha Stewart

Why is it important to have a wedding planner in Bali?
Because when you live abroad you have no knowledge as to who are the professional and reliable vendors

If you could give one piece of advice to couples planning a Bali wedding, what would it be?
Trust your wedding planner & the result will be stupendous!

How big a part do your couples play in the creative process – or are they generally happy for you to run the show?
We elaborate together the theme & concept of the wedding, I listen to their “whishes & dreams” & incorporate this with what works best in the chosen venue.

What’s the trickiest part about being a destination wedding planner?
When VERY rarely brides cant let it go & cant trust anyone

For you, how has the Bali Wedding industry changed over the years?
It has boomed & exploded which is good and bad. Good for the variety of rental furnitures companies we now have which was not even existing 4 years ago and I don’t see the BAD side yet…until it will all become TOO MUCH…

Can you tell us about your most memorable Wedding moment or memory?
Each of them are memorable, really, I love EACH of them, for sure I feel sometimes closer to some brides due to the chemistry we have built throughout the year of preparation.

What wedding trends never go out of fashion?
Tableclothes on dinner tables….

What is the BEST part of your job?
How happy I can make my brides & grooms

Little List of Loves

Best coffee in Bali? Don’t drink coffee!
Favourite Cocktail? Gin “Monkey 47” only & tonic & BIG splash of lime
Best Sunset Spot? Kudeta forever
Yoga or Gym? Will start soon both but only gym for now…
Scooter or Car? car
Best place in Bali to relax and unwind? Gili Air & Meno
Any secret spots or hidden gems you’d care to share? No as it is a secret…and won’t be my secret and hidden gem anymore
What are you listening to?  Apple radio
Favourite Insta account? Mindy Weiss & Martha Stewart
What song changes your mood instantly? Brazilian samba
What quote or mantra do you live by? #lovemyjobforever

Images featured in this story have been kindly borrowed from the vendors social pages, plus our real bride story on Style Me PrettyAll contact links are on Cher Ange‘s website.

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