For this Bali Wedding Planner, Impossible Doesn’t Exist.

One of the joys of our job at Bali Event Hire is the opportunity to meet all the talented vendors in the Bali Wedding industry and we were so inspired after we met the lovely Grace from Bali Happy Events.  Grace has so much energy and passion and she is super speedy – and we love super speedy!  Grace is one of those Bali Wedding Planners who make things happen – dreams, concepts, crazy ideas – she’ll find a way to make her couples vision come to life.

Grace introduces herself below and gives us her top tips for Bali Brides planning a Bali Wedding. Enjoy!

In a coconut shell, tell us about your lovely self and your business?  How did it all begin?

Inspired by the movie “Eat, Pray, Love,” I came to Bali 10 years ago, to rest and recharge my batteries for a year. No aim to work at all. Then my friend asked me to help him organize his wedding in Bali and this is how everything started. The Universe really decided for me.

What’s your super-power?  And what’s unique about your business?

Turning dreams into reality. Listening to clients. ‘Impossible doesn’t exist’ – that’s my motto. Every wedding is a completely different project and we love to make it unique. We don’t sell standard packages and don’t impose styling and décor. We create things from scratch.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

From my imagination. I’m an unfulfilled interior designer, weddings give me the opportunity to use my creativity.

Who is your creative muse?


Why is it important to have a wedding planner in Bali?

Everyone needs a partner to materialise their dream. Someone who knows the market, the vendors and realities on the island. Someone who will advise the best solutions in regards to space and time and finally, someone who will put this all together and look after ‘The Day’ for you J

If you could give one piece of advice to couples planning a Bali wedding, what would it be?

Dream big and trust your wedding planner. Come to Bali for the site inspection, food tasting and make up/hair trials. Meet your wedding planner before and rest assured you are in good hands. Don’t spend much time on FB groups, the best answers are not always there.


How big a part do your couples play in the creative process – or are they generally happy for you to run the show?

Their needs inspire me. I’m always searching for ways to provide them with what they are expecting, sometimes by creating special and unique things, installations etc. Many couples are laid back and rely on our creativity and experience, since the most important thing for them is about sharing this special moment with their family and friends.

What’s the trickiest part about being a destination wedding planner?

Natural disasters: volcano eruptions and earthquakes. Also, unstable currency and lots of religious holidays.

For you, how has the Bali Wedding industry changed over the years?

It has changed a lot! Hundreds of new wedding planners appeared! But the positive thing which happened over last years, is the quality increase from the existing ones and all the vendors. Bali is definitely meeting world class standards in terms of florals, décor and styling and venues.

Can you tell us about your most memorable Wedding moment or memory?

A few years ago, one of my couples had a hilarious idea for the grand entrance! They swapped dresses! Everyone was crying from laughter! Another one which I probably will never forget, was a father-daughter dance, when after a few seconds of the song all fathers and daughters joined in. A very moving moment, with tears rolling down everyone’s cheeks.

What wedding trends never go out of fashion?

Fairy lights canopy, candles in glass vases, petal shower after the ceremony, the hand bouquet toss, the ‘first dance’ of the newlyweds and speeches (everyone loves this part!)

What is the BEST part of your job?

Making clients happy and working with creative, passionate people in the Bali wedding industry, who support you anytime in the name of a partnership and the final result.

Little List of Loves

Best coffee in Bali? In my house
Favourite Cocktail? Margherita
Best Sunset Spot? Rote Island
Yoga or Gym? yoga
Scooter or Car? Scooter
Best place in Bali to relax and unwind? Munduk
Any secret spots or hidden gems you’d care to share? Let them remain hidden and secret
What are you listening to? Australian Crawl, Incubus, Arctic Monkeys, LP and similar
Favourite Insta account? Bali Event Hire & Fuckology
What song changes your mood instantly? Happy from Despicable me 2
What quote or mantra do you live by? I live in the present, set my compass on NOW and see where it takes me

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